MTrek: TNG [updated]

Written by  on March 31, 2015

[edit: Apologies for the delay- I had hoped to be done with the update already, but I kinda have a lot of other stuff going on right now. I think it might[...]

Testers Wanted

Written by  on March 25, 2015

To test the concept of allowing players to create a new “standard” class ship in either the new “Pro” Quadrant or in one of the[...]

Public Apology

Written by  on March 23, 2015

Everyone, Please accept my sincerest regrets. It is with a sad heart that I must say: I was wrong. And I’M SORRY. I haven’t been fair to everyone,[...]


Written by  on March 23, 2015

Once we settle into our upcoming 365-day cycle, I’d like to inject some “fun” into the game- as a diversion to what can sometimes be[...]

The New-Ship Screen

Written by  on March 22, 2015

This is what the new-ship creation screen *might* look like. Obviously, the classes “O” through “Z” will likely change, depending[...]


Written by  on March 21, 2015

Final standings: To further the discussion in the Back to Basics post, I’m trying to narrow the playlist down to only 12 additional classes for[...]

Ship Restoration Policy (update)

Written by  on March 21, 2015

No more restoring broken ships. Sometimes (well, practically always infact) when a ship dies or loses gold from a broken connection or lag, the broken/lagged[...]

Stellar Cartography

Written by  on March 19, 2015

I like Mike’s ideas for player-generated content. He mentioned a sort of map-designing contest to decide the layout for a new quadrant after the[...]

Back to Basics

Written by  on March 13, 2015

I broke the game. I’m not referring to some kind of catastrophic bug. I’m referring to the game’s “Balance”. This game has[...]