8.2.1 fine-tuning; D-11, Special Devices, Freighter Torps & a Misspelling

Written by  on April 25, 2017

Thanks everyone for your patience. Based on your feedback, a few adjustments have been made. The D-11 is now once again, ludicrously overpowered instead[...]

Version 8.2 Patch notes

Written by  on April 23, 2017

8.2.0 Patch Notes 1. Bot AI adjustments, more classes 2. Ship balance and economy fine tuning 3. Refined ship upgrade process 4. Re-enabled “who[...]

Team Game SATURDAY, April 15 @6pm Eastern

Written by  on April 15, 2017

Apologies all for the last-minute update. Our team game will be SATURDAY Apr 15 @6pm Eastern, not Friday (that was my fault) Also thanks to everyone who[...]