5.0 Going Live!

Written by  on April 20, 2015 

Well, it was a lot of work- more than expected really, but the final update for mtrek.com version 5.0 is just about ready to go.

The last round of offline stability testing has been running with 60 bots, and with the game accelerated to about 1 minute of server time per second. So that’s the equivalent of 2 months worth of server ticks in just 24 hours, with no stability issues.

The next 24 hours will be spent testing and adjusting the bot levels and distribution between quadrants. Before ramping up to 60 bots, the game ran for a few hours and it was noted that with 20 bots and the classes O thru Z running, there is a spawn rate of about 13/20 Bots in Delta, and about 7/20 bots in the other 4 quads. This feels about “right” and of course the result is that gameplay is much faster in delta, while players must spend a little more time hunting and strategizing in alpha/gamma/etc. This also paves the way for some PvP fighting in the Classic side since you can probably get a few fights in without worrying too much about bots interfering. This is intentional, and over time, it should reflect on the stats pages that scores will advance more quickly in delta than they will in classic… which is fine, because we really won’t be comparing ships to each other across the two modes of play.

For anyone who sees glaring ship balance issues, Now is the time to speak up. Once the 365-day cycle starts, the goal is to keep the updates as subtle as possible- only fixing bugs or adjusting the robot AI as needed to curtail exploits etc. This is meant to minimize server maintenance as much as possible, and to provide a high level of stability and consistency for the players.

Get your macros ready!