6.0.3 (Beta) Update – scoring

Written by  on February 22, 2016 

Slight adjustment to the in-game High Scores (overall):

The main scoreboard now shows the top 20 highest-ranked ships, which are then ordered by gold. This should only affect a small percentage of ships.

This was done to somewhat align the in-game top-20 high scores with the ones shown on the website. No actual ships were harmed in the process, and whenever a ship earns enough rank (damage given) to be on the scoreboard, it will show up.

On a side note, (a little unrelated) I also fixed an error on the stats page where ships with fewer than 10 cfl and/or less than one hour played, were being included in conflict/time -dependent boards.

-Sorry, Harold! On the bright side, at Top Gorn‘s current pace, it’ll be back on there in no time, and probably well into the top 10. Pete, your ship, Universe was another one that was bumped; if it’s any consolation, it was replaced with one of your other ships.

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