6.1.2 Update – Bot Spawning and Ursus (again)

Written by  on May 28, 2016 

The latest patch is now live.

Bot Spawning: Bots now spawn based on the total number of ships (human & bot) in the game instead of just the number of bots. This means that as more human players log into the game, fewer bots will spawn.

Ursus Cluster: Has been shifted much closer to the center of Alpha. (Now 90,000ish from Orion, 50,000ish from Earth, and 30,000ish from Klinzhai) This was done to provide a place for human players to engage in PvP combat, practice, instruct newbies, heal, etc without AI ship interference. Bots can still be lured into the area, but they won’t want to stay there any longer than it takes them to fight whoever they find- after which they will resume their normal patrol routes in the rest of the game.