6.1.3 Patch Notes

Written by  on June 14, 2016 

Updated the website’s ship specs table; corrected a few minor inaccuracies–green/red highlighting now reflects change vs previous game versions, where before, the highlighting simply indicated the most favorable/unfavorable values among current ships

Adjusted bot AI; trying to tune out some of the vulturing / teaming / gold-stealing–overall, bots should be slightly less likely to call for help from their bot buddies

Slight gold boost; bots carry a higher gold/DmgGvn ratio before dumping gold at starbases–less gold dumped means more gold for players

Gold freighter THX-series bots enabled; merged with standard DY-600 AI–THX bots now fly around with 2,000 gold

adjusted II-A (not the CON-II); increased phaser recharge rate by 1 power unit per second–balanced against the CON-II’s stronger photons