6.1.4 (Bot Names)

Written by  on July 4, 2016 

The only change for 6.1.4 is an adjustment to robot ship names. Some of you will notice the return of class-specific naming, as we had in the past 2 major releases (4.x & 5.x). The game’s excessive memory usage (resulting from hacky old code for bot naming) seems to be fixed. πŸ™‚

Not every class has its own naming rules. I’d like some suggestions from the community for these:

Orion BR-5
Orion BR-6
Orion BR-1000
Orion BR-2000
Gorn 130-P (GBOP)
Ferengi D’Kora
Klingon D7 (be nice)
Andorian ACR-45 (That’s “A”, followed by “C”, and then thirdly the last letter of ACR is “R”… lol)
Vulcan V’Shar

Also looking for additional name ideas that fit in with the naming profiles used on the other classes.



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