6.2.0 (major ship-balance revision)

Written by  on July 6, 2016 

After gathering inputs from players and collecting data from the past 90 days of gameplay, our most significant ship-balance patch since the 6.0 Beta is here: Ver 6.2.0

Based on anecdotal feedback, raw data, and your admin’s own seat time, the following classes have all been identified as underpowered and/or under-utilized:


  • CDA-120: Increased Shield Strength to 18, Lowered Visibility to 70%, Increased Gold/DmgGvn Rate
  • CDA-180: Improved Hull Strength to 39, Lowered Visibility to 70%, Raised Emergency Max Warp to 18
  • KPB-13: Increased Drone Power to 800, Increased Shield Strength to 22, Improved Hull Strength to 38, Lowered Visibility to 80%, Increased Scan Range to 11,000
  • D-11: Increased Oblit Regen Rate, Increased Cloak Duration to 50 sec, Lowered Visibility to 80%
  • BR-5: Increased Max Torpedo Storage to 45 Torps
  • VSHAR: Can now install Tracking Transwarp by orbiting Earth
  • BR-1000 & BR-2000: Both can now orbit Romulus (or other “FC” planet) to install a 45-second Cloak costing 40 energy to activate, and with a (slow) regen-rate of “4”
  • LARSON: Increased Shield Strength to 20, Increase Mine Storage to 10, Increased Mine Power to 1000, Increased Drone Storage to 10
  • KEV-12: Increased Cloak Duration to 60 seconds
  • D7: Increased Oblit Regen Rate, Increased Cloak Duration to 60 seconds
  • GALOR: Increased base Warp Energy to 130, No longer requires Crystals to reach Max WE

And while the above ships have all been suffering in terms of Gold, survivability, and interest from the community, one ship (which won’t be any surprise to you guys) has set itself apart as a clear favorite, outperforming virtually every other class in the game. It’s a nasty combination of lethal, gold-efficient, durable, and versatile. And that class is: The Borg AVG-IX Assimilator (how many of you actually noticed the “Assimilator” part of the ship’s full Class Name before now?).

I don’t want to cripple it, or make it weaker, or less survivable.. I don’t want anyone to have to change their macros to fly a new “nerfed” version of it. So I won’t do that. Instead, I’ll go with Pete’s suggestion of altering the gold earning rate, plus a slight reduction in the torpedo regen-rate (the second part was my idea).

So here goes:


  • AVG-IX: Earns Starbase Gold-per-DmgGvn at a reduced rate, Earns Starbase Gold-per-Bonus at an Increased rate (See? not all bad), and Regenerates Photons at a rate one 1 every 5 seconds (previously 1 every 4 seconds)

And that pretty much sums it all up!

Be sure to check the updated Ship Specs Page and post your feedback in the forums!

Thanks and Happy Hunting!