6.2.5 BR1K/BR2K, AVG-IX, * Robot AI

Written by  on July 10, 2016 

[edit 11 jul: “.001” tweaked the bot spawning. hopefully better variety now]

The 45 sec cloak was a little bit much for the BR-1000 & BR-2000 buff, and the 50% DmgGvn gold penalty for AVG-IX was just a little expensive.

Bot AI received a bit of an adjustment.

  • BR-1000 & BR-2000

cloak duration is now 25 seconds

  • AVG-IX

Collects ~80% of standard gold earning rate from Starbases

  • Robot AI

Bots will now try to stick it out just a little longer in a fight before running away. This should improve our chances of killing them in some ways, but it also increases our risk in other ways. It’s a subtle difference, but regulars should pick up on it straight away.

  • Robot Spawning

…has been increased from a 12-ship “target number” to 16 ships. As before, when human players log in bots will stop spawning until the target number of total ships is reached.

  • Robot Ship Classes

Trimmed out some of the classes for the bots. They’ve proven themselves pitiful at piloting ships like the RBoP, the Jem’Hadar, and the Warbird. A few others were cut, but there are still 32 different bot classes to fight against.

Also, there’s rumor that the Vulcans have been secretly trading with the Orions out in deep space somewhere…

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