Beta 4.0: hotwash

Written by  on February 12, 2015 

Based on a lot of feedback throughout the beta period and plenty of play testing/observing by your faithful admin, I think we’re just about ready to move from 4.0 “Beta” to Version 4.1

There have been some balance adjustments to the upgrade classes. (Highlighted Yellow in the guide) The map has been tweaked some since the initial patch last week, and I think we’re all pretty good with the current layout, -though I can’t really speak for everyone.

Also changed since the initial Beta release, is the price for upgrading a ship. Previously, it was 10,000 gold per upgrade. It has changed to “Up to 10,000 gold“. -meaning you still need to have 10,000 gold to be eligible, but depending on your dmggvn+bonus, you’ll likely retain a considerable amount of that gold.

This is done by ensuring a ship will never have less than about 7.7% of its dmggvn+bonus. Technically this applies to all ships, whether performing an upgrade or not. After a considerable amount of testing in robot and human-powered ships, only a small percentage of ships are significantly affected by the change.

Notably, brand new ships will generate their own gold in realtime as they deal damage until their gold become more than 7.7% -either by docking on a starbase or by picking up a gold chunk in space. From there the gold-climb continues as normal.

How it translates to upgrades is this:

If a ship has 10,000 gold and 100,000 damage given, performing an upgrade will leave the ship with about 7,700 gold.

If a ship has 10,000 gold and 20,000 damage given, performing an upgrade will leave the ship with about 1,540 gold.

And if a ship has 20,000 gold and 100,000 damage given, it will basically pay the full 10,000 price, being left with 10,000 gold. (which is more than 7.7% of dmggvn)

The robot AI has been expanded to include all available classes, and will continue to evolve for the foreseeable future. The focus has been on making the robots more human-like and at the same time giving players a wide variety of potential conflicts to choose from- ranging in difficulty and hopefully not becoming too “stale”. The cloaking and xwarping is being used somewhat more effectively now, but I wouldn’t expect any miraculous feats by the ‘bots 🙂
If you find that certain robots are too easy to kill, I encourage you to experiment with more difficult bots or switch to a more challenging ship class.

Still in the works and nearly complete, is an updated AI dialogue that will offer some advice for new players, (more than simply shouting, “read the docs, n00b!”) and hopefully not offend too many people.

Also coming soon, (hopefully! -no pressure, Pete..and Thanks btw!) is an updated Alpha quadrant map.

I will probably remove the “Beta”s from the welcome screen and the docs in the next 24-72 hours. At the same time, I’ll review the docs one last time for accuracy and screen the website for as much out-of-date information as possible.

For a while, even after the beta is over, I’ll leave the updates highlighted in the docs for easy reference.

Finally, Many Thanks to all who have helped me along the way: Your feedback and support has been most invaluable in this latest endeavor. And remember, it isn’t too late to speak up and let your voice be heard! I believe most of the big issues have been addressed, but there’s always plenty of room for refinement.

And of course, comments, posts, and emails are always welcome!

Thanks and stay tuned!