Branching Out in Retro Gaming

Written by  on June 26, 2016 

With all the buzz surrounding us in social media, one common theme, is folks asking about their own favorite games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Netrek, Trade Wars, DECWAR, HoloTrek, S&MTrek, and of course the classic “Star Trek” text-game… are among the most frequently sought-after titles.

When a known server exists, I’ll do my best to point folks in the right direction. Some of the games however, require players to coordinate in advance, set up a meet-time and launch their games for one-off instances.

I would like to see become a “hub” of sorts for all of these types of games- possibly even share some hosting on our server if appropriate. In the past, it has been considered taboo to advertise “competitors'” games… but let’s be honest, the player bases for all the above-mentioned games, are fragmented at best, or completely nonexistent in some cases.

For probably the first time ever, our game seems to be generating the most traffic in the retro space game genre (I think it’s a “genre” anyways…). We might have an opportunity here, to not only bring players together for those games, but to bolster our own numbers as well. If for example, Trade Wars players are passing through our site regularly, they might decide to check out MTrek between TW matches. The boost in Search Engine traffic alone might be a boon for our game.

So lets post those links in the comments below, and be sure to comment/like the current MTrek FB post below while you’re at it:


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  1. Avatar 2x4 says:

    Holotrek looks at least one order more complicated than Mtrek. Not sure I could stand all the structure and oversight.