Written by  on March 23, 2015 

Once we settle into our upcoming 365-day cycle, I’d like to inject some “fun” into the game- as a diversion to what can sometimes be a “monotonous grind” for points. We’ve all been there before:

“Wheeelp, that’s 18 bots down, and only 2 more to go. I’ve almost hit my daily quota a full hour ahead of schedule! …Oh my, you’re looking nice, Starbase 3. Am I imagining it, or are you a few units closer to Cygnus today?”

Starbase 3’s inevitable response:


So anyways, what I’d like to do, is start having mini-games, contests, tournaments, and other promotions. I won’t put any kind of schedule on it, but if there is enough interest, we could do that kind of stuff once or twice a month.

These are just a few of the ideas I’ve had:

A round-robin or tree style PvP tournament. Either 1 on 1 or if there are enough players (unlikely) teams of 2. Other PvP possibilities might include a last-man-standing event. Prizes could be gold, bonus, a normally-unavailable ship class, or even a “title belt” class ship for the champion. A title belt ship would be a regular ship with a * or a $ attached to the end of the ship class name like this: LARSON*

There could be a “Double Bonus Weekend” which as the name implies, damaging ships will award you double the standard amount of bonus.

I could fill the Arena Quadrant with (example) 50 BR-6s, and whoever kills the most BR-6s, will be given 5 BR-6s. There could be runner-up prizes too: maybe 4 BR-6s for second place, 3 BR-6s for third, and so on.

There is currently a method in place which allows a planet to send a message to orbiting ships. This function could easily be used as a tool for… A scavenger hunt! Players could fly around, decipher clues, (while being pounded on by bots of course) and eventually discover the Meaning of Life…or they could win a prize at the end, whichever is easier to program.

And of course there’s the team-mode game discussion going on in the forums. If it becomes a hit, we could regularly do variations of that idea too.

Let’s hear any other ideas you guys can come up with!