Written by  on June 12, 2016 

I’ve recently been considering when I should reset the Scoreboard- whether to base it on a calendar day, an anniversary, or some particular milestone of achievement. What I’ve finally decided is… that I’ll let somebody else decide. That somebody being a “FLEET ADMIRAL *X*”

It can be either the owner of a ship, or the player controlling a fleet, so long as either that player or that ship holds the rank of FLEET ADMIRAL *X*

So there you have it. If someone gets either a player account or a single ship up to the rank of FLEET ADMIRAL *X*, that player will have the honor of announcing the next Scoreboard reset. If this victor so chooses, he can reign as “FAX” indefinitely until some other FAX comes along and calls it, but until then… (I think it will be a great while) Game on!


[edit: For whatever it’s worth, I wrote the above last June but never published it. I don’t remember why I never got around to it, but the subject recently came up and I dug this out of the draft archives. I can’t say how “valid” it really is since we already have an “X” as of the publish date today, 17 April 2017…


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