Fleet Admirals (website update)

Written by  on February 15, 2016 

Some of you guys have been killing it on the high score boards, so to add some distinction among mtrek.com’s Fleet Admirals, I’ve tripled the cap. On the website, at least; the game still announces a Fleet Admiral as simply, “Fleet Admiral”. Previously, each level of admiralty was awarded in increments of 200,000 with a max of 1,000,000 Damage Given to obtain Fleet Admiral status. That hasn’t changed, but now, once reaching Fleet Admiral, you will continue to advance, with a * awarded for every 200,000 points above 1,000,000 and an all-caps FLEET ADMIRAL *V* rank at 2,000,000 points total. From there, you’ll continue to earn *s (denoted by roman numerals) until 3,000,000 and then… I don’t know yet! It’s never happened.