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  • The rest of January, we’ll keep the gold promotion running.
  • The 6.0 Beta will run for the entire month of February.
  • In March, we’ll return to 5.0 while I finalize everything and make any necessary adjustments based on data collected and player feedback from the Beta.
  • Some time in April (possibly May?) we’ll see the release of mtrek 6.0)

I can’t say for sure yet, whether we’ll stick with an annual release cycle for major updates, but I will say that it’s a comfortable pace for me.

This time around, I’ll take a more relaxed approach for smaller, interim updates because frankly, there have been times throughout the year when I felt that an update would have been warranted to enhance gameplay- but I couldn’t do it without going back on my promise of “no changes”.

In the coming weeks, look for an announcement detailing everything I just said, with some more specifics regarding the beta and the planned release of 6.0

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