Game Server Update 01 Oct 2012

Written by  on October 1, 2012 

Added the new classes and the cloaking classes to the bot playlist.

I’m still working on the bot AI so they can use cloak effectively. Also trying to find a balance on bot aggression levels for ramming. They currently have a habit of ramming themselves to death under certain circumstances.

Having added the additional classes to the playlist, I’ve noticed some balance issues:

The Orion Dwarfstar Freighter seems a bit overpowered, (as I write this, there are 3 DSTARs flying around the server with 70k gold collectively) as well as the Klingon Negh’Var. I’ve tuned the neg back some, but it’s still a slow ship with no cloak, and if I weaken it too much, it’ll end up being just another base-sitter class..

A few of the others are underpowered. I’ll keep tinkering though and release all of the specs in the next updated documentation.


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