Game Server Update 09 Aug 2012

Written by  on August 9, 2012 

In response to several requests, I have re-enabled the classic style ships from the ucscb days, the “stock” classes from the jtrek server, and the “new” classes.

I’m not sure how long they’ll stay available from the login screen; the original intent was and still is, to keep these classes as upgrades to the “standard 14” from the most commonly known version of mtrek. It makes sense though, to give folks an idea of what some of these classes are like, before dropping 10k-20k or more on “upgrades”.

I also honored a strange request to restore the specs of a few of the older ships to the ucscb specs. CL-13, BR-1k, and CV-97 might seem a bit odd now, to anyone who’s only played after 1994.


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