Locked, Cocked, Ready-to-Rock

Written by  on August 13, 2013 

Game Server Update 13 Aug 2013

As promised, each patch following the reset announcement has been tested, verified, analyzed, and if need be, adjusted or reversed.

It’s been a busy day.


High score ranking has been slightly tweaked.

For lack of a better term, ships are now ranked by “composite score”.

Composite score basically means the top 20 ships by (DmgGvn+Bonus) are ranked by gold for each listing.


By popular demand, the ((DmgGvn * .1) + Bonus) gold-awarding has returned for all classes in all quadrants with a few exceptions:

Vorcha/Valdore/Sphere use the above formula with a 10% penalty.

The Ferengi, as always, earns 25% extra.

Gold drops have remained unchanged at a flat 10% for dead/broken ships.

Ships with under 1k still pay for supplies, and that is also unchanged since the “economy” patch.


Indicator flags used to detect pointshipping and banking, even between non-matching IPs/player accounts, have been added to the game logging system. I won’t go into specifics, because I have no doubt that someone will find ways around them.

Flags will be verified before any action is taken, and once confirmed, to discourage others, a warning will be publicly issued. Repeated or blatant violations can result in deleted ships/accounts and/or site-bans at admin discretion. See the rules page for more info.


After 13 years of no help screens, the in-game command summary now works with:


The help functionality is slightly different from old mtrek, but it gets the job done.

The CL-13 phaser recharge rate has also been fixed. (thanks, mike, for pointing it out.)

reset timeline

The reset will likely happen sooner than originally anticipated. (previously 23 Aug)

I now estimate that the game will be ready for a reset as soon as the 15th, but no later than the 18th.

Up until the reset happens, ships can still advance through the high scores so you have some time to get a few more kills in for the Final High Scores.

Thank you all for your patience. I am looking forward to a long stretch of no resets, and also a break from the admin-ing so I can get back to just playing the game for a while.


Hopefully, the changes prove to enhance the quality of gameplay, rather than take away from it… May mtrek live forever.