Game Server Update 27 Sep 2012

Written by  on September 27, 2012 

Just a minor tweak to the High Score List functionality:

The (fleet only) hsl now orders your ships in ascending order by gold, as opposed to the previous descending order. I’m more or less just testing it out, to see if it’s worth adding the sixth page. The reasoning behind this, involves the difficulty of fleet management with more than 20 ships assigned to a single player. I suppose another, probably cleaner option, would be to add pages to the desc list so that it shows 1-20, then 21-40, 41-60, etc. The only issue with that method, is that it would require a bit more coding to pull off, esp in the case of a player with fewer than 20 ships, (typically most players) who wouldn’t want to scroll through the added “blank” pages to get to the “Connection closed by foreign host.” line.

Any thoughts, I’d like hear em

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