Ship Classes / Balance Adjustments

Written by  on June 27, 2012 

Edited ship class selection:

1) The “original” 14 classes [a-n] are now the only ones selectable from the new ship startup screen.

2) Bots are now also limited to the “original” 14.

3) Bot names have been set to “THX-[number designation]”

4) Current “upgrade classes” are still enabled: KEV to VORCHA @ Klinzhai, RBOP to VALDORE @ Romulus, Anything to AVG-IX @ Tech Planet (in Delta Quad via Spatial anomaly)

Tweaked a few ships to fix some long-running ship balance issues:

1) Changed Warbird phaser type to “normal” 40 power phasers, since agonizers, well.. sucked.

2) Increased CDA-120 torp capacity to 120.

3) Increased CDA-180 torp capacity to 180!

4) Changed VALDORE cloak to 90 seconds at a cost of 80 PWR with a 2 second regen rate, basically the exact same as RBOP.

5) Boosted AVG-IX mine power to 900 with a max capacity of 4. Increased cloak time/cost to 50/50 and set regen rate to 2 seconds. Also added tracking xwarp.

6) Changed FERENGI phaser type from ESI to normal and increased their earning rate from 1.15 to 1.25 the standard amount. (even though the FERENGI class is currently disabled)

All of the above tweaks can be undone or adjusted; we’re just trying them out for now.

In future updates, the disabled classes will be obtainable in the same manner as VORCHA/VALDORE/AVG-IX and a few new classes will be added so each of the 14 starting classes have an upgrade.

Any feedback, comments, or suggestions for the new classes are welcome.


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