6.1.0 (not the Beta) is Now Live!

Written by  on April 3, 2016 

The Beta took a lot more work than originally expected, but isn’t that always the case with software projects? Collectively, we flew more than 360 hours in “Beta” ships (created after the launch of the beta) during the testing, and nearly 500 hours altogether when you count ships launched during 5.x.

With your help, I believe we have put together one of the most balanced versions of the game to date, which is pretty cool considering how many classes there are.

I predict that as always, there will be some ships that are simply more popular than others, and possibly some that are rarely flown at all. I’m ok with that for now, because trends will settle over time, and our current favorites might very well be cast aside for something else entirely in a few months… It’s too hard to predict, when there are so many under-rated ships that (I’ve tested all of them) can actually be very rewarding to fly.

The final release has only changed one ship class significantly: the CON-II. (Not to be confused with the II-A…) It has lost its xwarp, gained a cloak, and is now more “con-like”. The twist is that it has an efficient warp cost of 1 and the trade-off is a drastically reduced amount of energy. It flys very much like the standard II-A, but with sharper fangs and less forgiveness if you make a mistake.

Many of the other classes have received minor adjustments as well, though nothing as drastic as the CON-II’s. Click here for the full updated ship specs chart, which can also be found under the “guides” link at the top of every mtrek.com page.

As was the plan with v5, the plan for v6 is to keep the game as consistent and unchanged as possible for an entire year (or close to it), only this time I’ll take a slightly less strict approach which will allow for balance adjustments as needed. (and there will most likely be some adjustments needed)

We can also look forward to a mid-year “expansion”, centered around Delta quad and possibly the introduction of some more ship types. Of course, there will be promotions, events, team-play “arena” weekends etc throughout the year. I’ll try my best to get something together at least once a month.

It has been mentioned before, there will be NO high score reset, and that remains true.

With the game stabilized, I will once again turn my attention to improving the website and expanding our presence in (yuck) Social Media… with the ultimate goal of increasing our active player base.


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