mtrek 6.0 (coming 2016)

Written by  on October 23, 2015 

We’re nearing the halfway point in our “year of no game changes”, so it’s about time for a hot wash To discuss some of the benefits and disadvantages in terms of gameplay and enjoyment from the mtrek 5.0 build. Points to discuss might include:

  • Overall game performance
  • Ship balance issues
  • The classes available for play
  • Revisit the “PvP vs PvE” discussion
  • Should both “pseudo-servers” be merged? IE should there be a wormhole or anomaly connecting the Classic and TNG quadrants?
  • If there is a significant change next year, (6.0) should the high score list roll over?
  • And definitely any other ideas you guys may come up with

Again, I’ll stress that we will not see any major changes here before 5.0’s year has ended. (April 2016 at the earliest) The key to making an annual (or longer if need be) development cycle work, is to take logical steps through the brainstorming, planning, building, testing, beta, tuning and implementation stages. So for now, I’d say we’re in the infancy of the brainstorming stage, and there is no rush to get this done. Much further down the road, (maybe Feb or Mar?) I’ll create a public clone/beta server for experimentation and testing.

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