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A member of the community has recently expressed concerns over the potential use (or misuse) of player/ship data on the server.

Specifically, the member was upset (and I can’t blame him) because several weeks ago, admittedly, I used one of the admin-debugging protocols in the game server to observe his game session while he was playing, and (while I thought I was being helpful) I offered some advice on macro construction while I watched him enter his macros manually.

I realize now that such actions by even an administrator are unacceptable, and for that, I humbly apologize. Traditionally, a player’s macros have always been the individual’s “intellectual property”, so to speak and somewhat of a proprietary facet of a player’s overall game strategy. Compromising such, is very close to cheating, or if nothing else, unfair to to the player, especially considering the fact that not only am I the owner/admin/mod of, I am also a player of the game..

Additionally, there are other pieces of information exchanged with and stored on this server which could potentially be abused/misused in different ways.. Frankly, as a player, I wouldn’t want to worry about that kind of stuff, because it can really take away from the quality and the enjoyment of playing the game.

So, to curtail any future issues, I am implementing a “privacy policy” for and it is my hope that in doing so, players will continue to play the game without fear over how their data is being collected/handled/protected/used.


1) Protection of personal information.

Personal information includes, but is not limited to, real names, email addresses, ip addresses, geographic information, passwords, etc.

All personal information exchanged electronically with either the game server, the website, or directly with any administrator, moderator, or programmer on, will be protected by every reasonable measure within the limitations of the software and communication protocols used on this server.

These measures include:

Server-side security programs and firewalls will be maintained by frequently checking for, and executing security updates and upgrades as they become available.

Effective password protection and encryption methods will be used for storing and accessing all files and locations where personal information may be found.

No personal information will be shared with, sold to, or be made available to, any outside organization, company, or individual.

Personal information will not be used by any current or future admin, moderator, or programmer to gain any in-game advantage, or to harass or annoy any player.

2) In-game data.

In-game data includes, but is not limited to: ship macros/key maps, life support status, current damage, xyz coordinates, weapon inventories, etc. This is referring particularly to ship data which would not normally be publicly available either in-game or on the website.

To the greatest extent possible, in-game data will not be viewed or manipulated by admins, mods, or programmers and only as a necessity for debugging and system maintenance.

3) Administrator toolset.

The admin toolset includes the website control panel, the database front-end, the server command line, the game server monitor, and the in-game debugging tools (admin Q/Z ships).

The admin toolset will not be used to affect changes or to retrieve/misuse any of the above-mentioned personal information or in-game data.

“Admin” ships will not be used to spy on, or annoy players. They will also not be used to attack, disable, or otherwise cause interference to a player’s game session.

Admin tools will not be used to modify, heal, resupply, or be used in any other way to give an advantage to, or to protect/restore any administrator’s, moderator’s, or programmer’s ship.

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