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The PvP Championship begins now!

The rules aren’t hard-coded into the game, so this event relies heavily upon players’ willingness to participate. Players will accumulate championship points by competing in (and winning) 1v1 PvP fights while “Tournament Mode” is enabled. The expectation is, that any two players will be able to carry out a match on their own, without a referee, and then accurately report the results of each match in the official PvP Championship forum thread.

format overview:

When enabled, Tournament Mode creates a sphere-shaped arena around Delta Vega in Alpha Quadrant. Two objects are also added to the game: “Staging Zone” (object Z) and “Staging Base (object B)”. The Staging Base is a ship-savable starbase similar to Ursus, within the “Arena Sphere“. The Staging Zone is a small sphere extending to 500 distance from Staging Base. Within the Staging Zone, ships are unable to fire weapons. (ala Organia Region)

When two players agree to hold a championship match, they will each save three ships at Staging Base before the match begins. These ships may be of any class available in the “Classic” game. Players will then battle with their respective ships until the winner of the match (or a draw) is determined.

terms and definitions:


A match is a series of battles or fights between two players competing in this event. Match results will be reported in the PvP Championship forum thread. The official standings and points calculations will periodically be updated as results are reported. Each match report will include the date, players’ names, classes used by each player, and the winner will be identified unless there is a draw or a non-result. A draw can be reported when both players die in their final ship during the last fight of the match. Additionally, if the players find themselves in a stalemate situation where neither final ship of the match can kill the other in a reasonable amount of time, (eg. torpless/cloakless br5 vs stubborn dy600 sitting on deneva) a draw can be reported by mutual agreement. A non-result will be reported if one of both players fail to complete a match, or if there is outside human interference. Standard bots will be running throughout the championship season, and interference from an in-game robot will not be grounds for a non-result. Since a non-result does not alter a player’s official standings, there is no requirement to report them. All match results should be reported within 24 hours of the conclusion of the match. Only one player (win or lose) is required to report the results, so please avoid double-reporting, and clarify if a reporting mistake has been made.

fight (or battle)

A “fight”, or “battle” is the rough equivalent of a “conflict”, as recorded by standard game mechanics. Since players will each have a maximum of three ships with which to fight to the death, there will be between three and five fights per match. Each fight begins with one ship orbiting Delta Vega, and the other ship orbiting Deneva. As a courtesy, players will alternate starting planets after each fight. The surviving ship from each fight will advance to the next fight until it is killed/disqualified, or until the match has been won. If both ships die as a result of the fight, each player will continue in his next ship if one remains. If both ships die as a result of the final fight of the match, and neither player has another ship to continue in, the match is over and will be reported as a “drawAfter each battle, the surviving ship will be given the opportunity to heal and reload at Delta Vega and Deneva before the next fight begins. If a surviving ship has more than 100 damage at the end of a fight, the player will be given the opportunity to heal the ship to less than 100 damage, but may not leave the Arena Sphere during the match. If it is the last fight of the match, and the last surviving ship is successfully healed to less than 100 damage, it will be considered a win for the surviving player.


A ship (but not the player) will be disqualified from a fight if it leaves the Arena Sphere, at any time during a match. A ship can also be disqualified from a fight if it saves off at Staging Base before the match has ended. If the offending player still has another match ship remaining, the fight will be ended and the player will continue the match in his next ship. Disqualified ships may not re-enter the match or the fight, and if a player’s final ship is disqualified, a win will be reported for the other player. A player can be immediately disqualified from a match is he is found to be multishipping, abusing a bug or glitch in the game, or “fleeting” an opponent’s ship at any point during the match, (after a fight ends or before the next fight begins.) If a player is disqualified from a match, a non-result will be reported and the offending player’s Championship Points will be reset to zero.

the arena mechanics explained

The Arena Sphere extending from Delta Vega utilizes in-game announcements to ensure that combatants stay within the battle zone, at the risk of forfeiting the fight (and possibly the match) if the ship leaves the arena. At 10,000 distance from Delta Vega, the player will be privately alerted that he is approaching the edge of Arena Sphere space. Once a ship passes beyond 15,000 distance from Delta Vega, a game-wide announcement will alert everyone that the ship has left the Arena Sphere, and the fight will be terminated.

Staging Base and Staging Zone

As mentioned earlier, Staging Base functions as a normal starbase, except that it does not replenish supplies. Staging Zone is a 500 distance radius surrounding Staging Base, where “Organia Rules” are in effect; Ships will not be capable of firing weapons while inside the Staging Zone. Players wishing to spectate are expected to remain inside the Staging Zone during fights, and should not harass or annoy competitors. Competitors are cautioned to avoid Staging Base and Staging Zone during fights- especially if spectators are present.

championship season

The championship season will run from now until March 31st, 2016.

championship points

Points will be awarded as follows:
5 pts for the first match win over another player.
3 pts for the second match win over that same player.
1 pt for the third, and every following match win over that same player.
1pt for both players in the event of a match draw.
Bonus Points will be awarded as follows
1 pts for a match win over a player with 11-20 championship points
2 pts for a match win over a player with 21-30 championship points
3 pts for a match win over a player with 31-40 championship points
4 pts for a match win over a player with 41-50 championship points
5 pts for a match win over a player with more than 50 championship points

[Example 1: If Player A (with 4 Points), scores his first victory over Player B, (who has 25 Points) he will receive 5 Points for the first-time win, and 2 Bonus Points because Player B began the match with 25 Points. This means Player A will now have 11 Points]

[Example 2: If Player A and Player B fight another match, and Player A wins again, he will receive 3 Points for the second-time win over Player B, and he’ll get 2 more Bonus Points because Player A still has 25 Points. This means Player A now has 16 Points]

[Example 3: Now let’s say Player B has already beaten Player A a few times at the beginning of the season. Remember that Player A currently has 16 Points… and now Player B has just beaten Player A three more times. Over the course of three more victories, Player B earns a total of 6 Points, bringing his total to 31 Points.]

[Example 4: Player A (with 16 Points) finally scores his 3rd match win over Player B- who began the match with 31 Points. Player A receives 1 Point for the match win and 3 Bonus Points because of Player B’s starting score. So now, Player A has 20 Points and Player B has 41 Points.]

I realize the points-system isn’t perfect, but it’s still kind of neat because it rewards not only players who defeat other high-ranked players, but also players that participate in (and win) more matches overall. There is a diminishing return on defeating the same player over and over, though the [oft-defeated] player will tend to improve over the course of several defeats, and will surely gain some nice points when his own W comes around. If there’s a saturation point, it’ll be when most of the competitors already have more than 50 Points, and wins will add up to 6 Points for most matches. By then, there will most likely be a clear favorite for’s PvP Champion.


To put it plainly, there are no “prizes” for winning the PvP Championship. The reward is perhaps some bragging rights, and certainly some recognition here on the website… The success (or possibly the failure) of this event hinges partly on the honesty and maturity of the players involved. We’re a pretty mature group of folks most of the time, so I doubt we’ll see much bickering or sleazy tactics. (fake player accounts etc) I think the success depends more so, on the willingness of the players to make it as fun and as challenging as it can be.

Good Luck!

Here’s a list of ships saved at Staging Base:

tournament ships:

# Ship Name Player Name Class Gold DmgGvn Bonus DmgRcvd Cfl Hrs
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