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More than six months have passed since the launch of The game server has undergone many changes and updates along the way, and the website is well on its way to becoming the #1 resource for all things mtrek.

Since its launch, has seen the return of many of the original players from the old mtrek days and several of the newer-generation players. Some have played fairly consistently, while some others may have only popped in for a quick look or a chat. It’s good to see that a core part of the community still shares an interest in the game and it has not been completely forgotten. For that, I thank you all.

I doubt however, that will ever fully recapture the glory days of mtrekking, but I hope to present something that will be close to what we all remember.

The intense battles, the triumphant victories, the devastating losses.. Climbing the high score lists. (or trying to) Countless hours spent well into the night. Eating pizza and drinking beer at a VT100 terminal in some smoky campus lounge.. Chatting, vulturing, teaming, and being teamed. Making a new name (like “Ima newbie”) to kill your best friends or get close enough to your enemies to peace-break and kill them.. Laughing loudly or sometimes swearing and slapping the keyboard in a lab full of nerds trying to do homework stuff. (losers. They probably graduated too.) Trying a new/sneaky strategy and failing miserably. The often hilarious global messages and the annoying spammy ones. The conversations and name-calling where literally any subject or insult is fair game.

These are some of my fondest memories. So when I fast-forward to today, and I’m grinding away at robots, (the weak substitute for humanity) I often find myself reminiscing over days long-gone.

That brings us around to the purpose of this highly informal survey.

It is my goal to make as entertaining for as many players as possible. There are many options available to adjust the functionality of the game.

I’ve heard requests from players on a wide variety of factors, from robots to ship classes, Borg, thx, escape pods, delta quad, team play, damage/bonus/gold algorithms, to name a few.

For the purposes of this survey, I’ll put an example questionnaire at the bottom of this post, and you can copy/paste and plug in your responses, or you can reply however you like. Any response is better than no response.


1) Ship Classes: currently has only 14 ship classes enabled, which avail the only available classes on “old” mtrek between 1995 and about 2001.

These are the ones most returning players will be familiar with, and arguably the most balanced.

The “standard” mtrek ships:

II-A, EXCEL, LARSON, DY-600, RBOP, KEV-12, KPB-13, BR-5, BR-1000, CL-13, CV-97, CDA-180, CDA-120, WARBIRD

Before 1995, some, but not all of the above-mentioned classes were available. There were also classes which were removed around that time and never seen in mtrek since. Additionally, some of the classes were absent from 95-01 but returned in the jtrek generation. (2003-present)

The “classic” mtrek ships:


GALAXY (Federation Galaxy, was seen in pre-1995 mtrek, appeared briefly in jtrek as an upgrade to the ii-a and was later removed)

The Federation Galaxy was very similar to the KEV-12; it was eventually replaced by the KEV in 1995. It had mostly the same specs, though it carried a total of 80 oblits and they did not regenerate. Also the Galaxy carried mines, but had literally no over-warp capability. Overall, the Galaxy was fun to play, and with strong phasers, mines, drones, and 8 oblit tubes, it could deal devastating amounts of damage quickly. On the downside, this ship was utterly defenseless when the torps ran out. The KEV-12 was a more survivable replacement with regenerating torps.

RWAR (Romulan Warrior, was only seen in pre-1995 mtrek)

The Romulan Warrior, or RWAR, was the predecessor of the Romulan Warbird. In all actuality though, the WB was just a nerfed version of the RWAR. If you slightly boost all of the WB’s stats except for hull/shield strength, and reduce the weapon-lock range from 2000 to 1000, you essentially have a RWAR. It was somewhat inferior to the RBOP, but was still miles ahead of the WARBIRD. As I recall, there was widespread resentment across the community over the nerfing of the RWAR, which carried into today’s reputation of the WARBIRD for being a weak/useless ship. (which it’s not!)

D-11 (Klingon D-11, was only seen in pre-1995 mtrek)

The Klingon D-11 was a KPB-13. Simple as that. There were very slight differences, but they were so negligible, I’m not sure why clp even bothered making the changes. Visibility was 95 instead of 100. Scan range was 8500 instead of 8000. Phaser range was 1000 instead of 800. And that’s it. Everything else was identical; the oblits even had regen.

D-10 (Klingon D-10, was seen in pre-1995 mtrek and was later reintroduced into the jtrek engine in the mid 00’s)

The Klingon D-10 was kind of a just-for-fun ship. (weren’t they all?) It had 8 photon tubes and carried 112 torps, so it could detonate an enemy ship in seconds. Also, it carried mines/drones and had powerful disruptor phasers which made it formidable at close to mid ranges. It had several weaknesses though. It had no cloak, max cruise was warp 12 and max torp range was 1000. The D-10 was fairly easy to defeat in most classes, but you still didn’t want to get caught sleeping or making the slightest mistake while one was nearby.

FERENGI (Ferengi, was seen in pre-1995 mtrek and was later reintroduced into the jtrek engine in the mid 00’s)

The Ferengi class was presumably the inspiration for the Cardassian ships, which appeared in the post-1995 versions of mtrek. It travelled warp 13, had a favorable warp cost, and with 5 photon tubes, 1300 range, and a 40-torp payload, it had a Larson-type feel to it. On the other hand, it had ESI phasers and carried no mines, which made it somewhat weak at closer ranges. Toe-to-toe, an equally skilled, full-powered Larson should beat the Ferengi fairly easily. The one distinguishing feature of the Ferengi, was it’s gold-earning rate. It earned gold from star bases at 1.5 times the standard rate for other ships. This was perhaps the balancing factor to compensate for the Ferengi’s overall weakness. If played carefully, this ship can survive long enough to at least appear on the high score lists for a while, which is more than can be said for many classes. It’s also a fun and challenging ship to play, as an alternative to the “grinding” which is common in some of the more popular classes.

The JTrek-era ships:


At some point during the frenzy of development of the JTrek engine, (around 2003) the devs realized they had the perfect opportunity to add a few new ship classes.

DEFIANT (Federation Defiant, added to the lineup with the development of JTrek)

The Defiant was a decent ship which (I believe) was meant to be a less fragile, but less deadly version of the II-A. Honestly, it wasn’t very popular. Depending on your style of play, however, the Defiant can be rewarding. With a warp 12 maximum cruise speed, a higher warp cost, and an expensive cloak, it was risky to wander far from a star base. It carried 40 photons and fired them out of 5 tubes with a max range of 1700. Also, with cloak, mines, and 60-power phasers, it wasn’t a slouch. Unfortunately, because of the “sluggishness” of the ship, it was by far, more defensive in nature. And since it required a more reactive play style, you always needed a back door escape plan- nebula, cygnus, organia, or more often, simply saving at a star base before things get too hairy.

KBOP (Klingon Bird of Prey, added to the lineup with the development of JTrek)

The KBOP was yet another defense-oriented ship. It was aptly nicknamed the “flying asteroid field”, by some of its detractors. It followed many of the tenets of previous Klingon designs; impulse/warp energy, xtals, warp cost etc. we’re all the same. It even had obliterator torpedoes. It was slow and heavy like the KEV, (warp 10 max cruise) and was equipped with a cloaking device. What made the KBOP unique, was the oblits. It had only one tube, though it carried 75 torps. In normal combat, it was nearly impossible to run out of torps.. ever. Also, this class had a 0-2200 torpedo range, which when combined with cloaking/enemy-torp-wasting maneuvers, could slowly wear down an attacker and eventually convince them to leave. While the KBOP could defend itself all day and accumulate a lot of points and gold, it wasn’t known for scoring many kills.

INTCPTR (Romulan Interceptor, added to the lineup with the development of JTrek)

The Interceptor was kind of a cross between the br5 and rbop, but still managed to carve out it’s own play-style identity. With warp 15, cloak, 30 photons, and 4 mines, it was the perfect vulture ship. It was light, versatile, and quick, which gave the player initiative i

Classic ships:






JTrek ships:


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