Long Overdue

Written by  on August 9, 2014 

mtrek.com update 09 Aug 2014

Several updates have been made:

  • Delta Quad is now a “training ground” for new players. Disabled “Spatial Anomaly” in Alpha and Delta to limit the potential for abuse.
  • Added “KPB-13 (Holographic)” to the ship selection screen. This is essentially a KPB-13 with super-strong shields and hull, primarily intended for new players to use while figuring out the basics of the game. The KPB-13H spawns only in Delta Quad.
  • Added “KEV-12 (Target) to the bot playlist. This is a severely-weakened, moving, shooting target for new players to shoot at with minimal risk of dying. The KEV-12T also spawns only in Delta Quad.
  • Disabled upgrades: SPHERE/VORCHA/VALDORE. Existing ships can still be played as usual. However, players will no longer be able to purchase these ships.
    [edit: these ships are no longer disabled. sphere upgrade has been moved to omega quad planet “a”]
  • Added filters to the high score lists: SPHERE, VORCHA, VALDORE, KPB-13H, KEV-12T, and all “bonus” ships (ie BR-6, Dwarfstar, etc.) will no longer appear on the overall high score lists. Players with these classes will still see their standings within their respective classes’ high score lists.
    [edit: sphere/vorcha/valdore filters removed]
  • Additionally, high scores are now sorted purely by gold. The “composite” scoring has gone away.
  • There has been a little restructuring on the website. Most of the content is still available, but sometimes, less is more. There were simply too many things to click on from the home page.
  • In our next few updates, expect to see some tweaks to the gold economy. Also, to complement the new-player quad, there is an extensive beginners’ guide in work. I’d estimate it to be about 70% complete and I hope to have it published by the end of the month.