Game Server Update 04 Nov 2012

Written by  on November 4, 2012 

After some bit of consideration, and based largely on feedback from players, I will be setting aside the ship class/upgrade project for now. That’s not to say that it won’t be implemented on a different server sometime in the future; I will continue to expand on the game, but this particular bleeding edge fork will remain offline until it is finished.

The community deserves a consistent, reliable, stable server to play on, without having to relearn the game and the critical strategies involved- every week or two.

This is somewhat of a paradigm shift for me. Or perhaps a refocusing of the ideals and norms I used to hold onto.

With the advent of the jtrek engine, I celebrated the return of mtrek, though I was strictly opposed to anything that deviated from the “mtrek” that I knew. Even to the point that br1ks shouldn’t be able to beam aboard mines.. because for whatever reason, they weren’t able to in old mtrek.

Over the last decade, my stance has softened some. I grudgingly accepted the inclusion of server-side bots as a necessity. I even accepted, and eventually developed, or at least conceptualised, new classes and features for the jtrek engine, which were graciously included in the stock jtrek code (nu-quad, delta quad, vorcha, valdore, avg-ix) thanks to Jay..

So here I sit. I’m at the reins of one of only two running instances of this game. The other, xmltrek, is already highly modified; the alpha quadrant has new names for most sbs, the bots do funny things, the planets/sbs enforce peace for docked/orbiting ships, and if you use the GUI client, you can change your ship name, or monitor players online, or even orbit a planet and effectively “save off” anywhere by entering a “mini game”

I have enjoyed many hours of play on the server, and I have a ton of respect for the developers. I have learned just how time-consuming a hobby such as game admining can be. Still, balance must be restored to the mtrek universe.

I personally believe that “klondikes” and “trolls” are Silly things to have in alpha quad. I’m sure that to some others, the addition of so many features, ships, and funtionalities on seems pretty silly as well..

So you can safely disregard most of the earlier postings on this site and look forward to an honest, pure-mtrek experience.

I have already started compiling code for the next reboot. Hopefully all goes well and we can get back to just playing the game. One upside to this, is that a “classic, mtrek-canon correct” server is WAY easier to piece together than the massive code-ball I’ve been writing for months. Documentation will be orders of magnitude easier to produce, and I’ll finally have time to church up this website a little.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a fair or practical way to choose which ships will be deleted and which ones will remain, so expect a high score list wipe by the end of this week. Apologies to all who may be losing some time invested because of this, but I think in the long run, this will be for the best of the game and for the community.


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