going “pro”

Written by  on October 13, 2014 

As previously discussed, mtrek.pro will be the testbed for new ships and features, and mtrek.com will be our “stable” server- only to be updated with a majority concensus from the community.

The most recent update includes the implementation of planetary zones from the new “Canonball” map. Over the next several updates, we will also see the addition of black holes, wormholes, nebulae, ‘roids etc. Eventually, some new ship classes will be introduced for testing as well. Other possible concepts (courtesy of Pete Z) might include cooperative team-style combat, where the robot ships will grant peace to other ships from the same planet by default, rather than the free-for-all environment we currently have.

I can’t really say how long any of this will take. My schedule is very much in flux right now, and will be until the end of this month.