MTrek: TNG Phase 2

Written by  on April 10, 2015 


Here’s the latest progress report for the current series of updates:

April 19th still looks like a good rough estimate for the mod being finished and the final high score reset- beginning our new 365-day cycle of NO updates/resets. That said, it might be finished MUCH SOONER if everything goes smoothly. 🙂

So far, the “Classic” mode is nearly complete. There are 1 or 2 more minor things which still need to be corrected- but those more or less fall into the “slightly annoying, almost non-issue bug” category.

The split between the two modes is complete and the high score pages have been added to the game. The in-game scoreboards will likely be tweaked a little and the website will have some scoreboard adjustments as well.

The Canonball map has been loaded in Delta quad for the “NextGen” mode. (Still not 100% settled on an actual name for the PvE side) There will be a little rearranging of objects/zones, but the Canonball graphic will still be a very accurate portrayal of the quadrant.

The Homeworld defense zones still need to be added (ala Romulan Neutral Zone / Romulan Space – in terms of functionality) There will be a zone surrounding Each of the seven Primary Homeworld planetary clusters.

There are a couple of minor tweaks needed for the shipclasses “O” thru “Z”, and those classes will also be added to the bot playlist.

There is a method in work for the bots to stick to certain patrol zones around their respective Homeworlds- but there’s no guarantee that it will work as intended or be a permanent feature. As I’ve mentioned before: even throughout the 365-day “no update” cycle, the bots will continue to evolve and their numbers will have to be adjusted to find the right balance between “boring” and “overwhelming”.

Also note, that no-kidding bugs will still be fixed during the cycle, and throughout the year there will be challenges/promotions/Easter eggs introduced, which will intentially be spaced out over the course of the year. All of these things are intended to be a part of the “whole concept” for making the game more interesting and fun for everyone — and not just some cop out to allow for continued updates to the fundamentals of the game. Consider this a disclaimer to curtail the inevitable, “Whaaa! You just changed something! You said you won’t touch the game for 365 days!” 🙂