Game Server Update 04 Nov 2012

Written by  on November 4, 2012 


The changes were a lot easier to reverse than anticipated. The game server is now about 95% accurate to what the late 1990’s mtrek was.

The ship database has been wiped.

There are still some things to do:

To get the server more “correct”, I definitely need to:

-Disable seeker probes, lithiums, and escape pods

To make the bots less exploitable, I need to:

-Teach the bots how to cloak, ram, and chuck plasma more effectively
-Alternatively, I could disable the cloaky, plasma-ey bots..
(sadly, the bots are still a necessary evil these days.. we simply don’t have enough players to justify turning them off)

There are several things I’m still undecided on though:

-Should I keep the “hall of fame” high score lists? Should I go all-original, ie Overall hsl, then Class hsl, then “Connection closed by foreign host”?
-Should I keep the player account/name functionality, or should I bring back the days of not seeing your entire fleet on the last page of the high score list?
-Should I bring back the “where” command? (I won’t include full IPs if I do..)
-Should I bring back the borg? (the über-annoying object-one that could only be killed by a self-D blast)
-THX gold freighters?
-Non self-regolding starbases?

I’m actually serious about this: Are there any bugs or quirks that any of you would like to see returned? Ursus bug? The 31-13 seconds cloak bug? Jump-warping? Ridiculously high overwarp penalties? Phaser-dump? Torp-dump? The warbird “extra torpedo” thingy?!

Heh. Sorry if it seems like I’m ranting a bit. I’m really not. There have been probably 20 or more incarnations of the “old” mtrek, so I imagine everyone probably has a slightly different thing in mind, when imagining the “ideal” mtrek server.

Much like classic car restoration, there is a certain appeal to recreating the minor flaws and blemishes found in the original. But.. On the other hand, there are some genuine improvements that have and can be made, while keeping with the spirit of the game. Would you really want polyglas bias-ply tires and antiquated asbestos brake linings on an all original Shelby Cobra? Maybe..

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