MTrek v6 Teamplay events May 13 & 14! (Fri/Sat night 6pm & 9pm EST)

Written by  on May 10, 2016 

Starting at 6pm EST Friday and again Saturday night, Teamplay mode will be enabled. (EDIT: There will be a second round starting at 9pm EST both days!) It’ll run as long as there are enough players to support it. In the past, this has normally been about 2 or 3 hours.

The format is basically like this:

Players log into the game and create new ships. Upon login, the game assigns players to 1 of 2 teams (whichever has fewer players) and teams battle for control of a “flag” object in the center of the Teamplay quadrant. While in control of the flag, gold chunks will be dropped in the area for the controlling team to pick up. Each team has a base on opposite sides of the flag. Every few minutes, a score update is displayed, showing which team has dealt more damage and collected more gold.

Over the course of an event, it is normal for players to switch teams several times, but it is possible to use a temporary “placeholder” ship to allow players to return to their original teams. If teams become greatly unbalanced, it is also possible (and encouraged) for players to switch teams.

While Teamplay is enabled, players’ “regular” saved ships will remain saved and inaccessible. Likewise, after Teamplay has ended, Teamplay ships will no longer be accessible.

We’ve had a lot of success and a generally positive response from participants of past events. With our recent upswing in player counts, this week’s event promises to be entertaining. See you there!

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