New Alpha Quad Map

Written by  on February 5, 2018 

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New Alpha Map

For Version 10.0, we have a slightly different map. (Borrowed from an older version of the game)

Some important notes in no particular order:

  • The Wormhole has been moved to the Deep Space 9 (SB 9) area
  • The Wormhole only allows travel between Alpha and Gamma
  • Cardassia has been moved from Gamma to Alpha
  • There is a new Starbase, Wolf 359, at the center of the quad
  • New Borg ships will spawn at The Collective, and then be dispatched to the central Alpha Quad via a “Transwarp Conduit”; It works similar to a Black Hole
  • The Ferengi homeworld has been added to Alpha
  • Additional supply planets have been added around Alpha
  • Planet (p) has been re-named to “Praxis”
  • The “Ursus Cluster”, The Betelgeuse Star, The Comet, and the Observer Devices have all been removed from Alpha

Thanks again to Pete! I used his map as a template to create this one.

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