NY IP blocked

Written by  on February 18, 2016 

I periodically review logs to keep an eye on which IPs get blocked by the firewall and why, and one recent block caught my attention today. It was a NY IP address with a script to connect to the game and disconnect at about 1-second intervals. This was most likely either a slow dictionary attack to crack a password, or (and this is the reason for this post) it might have been a script constructed by a legitimate player to monitor the “who”/”who-l” list… If the latter is the case, apologies to whoever you are.. (even though your IP is banned from the entire server and you might never read this.)

For players with special automated clients and scripts written to interact with the server, I caution you that you might get picked up by the firewall and end up banned. I’m not strictly opposed to scripts, custom clients, or other automations and i will be happy to even test the way it interacts with the server with you. I only ask that if you want to try something, run it by me first to avoid these types of issues. I’d hate to inadvertently site-ban a legit player because of a binary misunderstanding.

-obit, mtrek.com admin

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