Recent Downtime…

Written by  on February 1, 2015 

Thanks everyone, for your patience, and apologies for the past several days of downtime.

For those unsure of what’s been going on, I’ll give you the short version:

A few days ago, I installed a routine software/security patch from Canonical (it was the Ubuntu Linux equivalent of a Microsoft Update) …and bam! >>broken server<< The Web server, SSH server, TELNET ports, FTP, etc, etc... were all down; basically every possible method of setting-things-right, was disabled- except by shelling in through a glitchy web-based java applet. (which I couldn't even paste-text into) For a while there, I was scared that the server was toast. A few hours ago however, I managed to restore SSH service. From there things became much easier. We're not out of the woods yet, though. Fortunately, (hopefully) most of the issues that still need to be addressed, can be handled with minimal impact on downtime. Thanks and stay tuned! obit