Ship Restoration Policy (update)

Written by  on March 21, 2015 

No more restoring broken ships. Sometimes (well, practically always infact) when a ship dies or loses gold from a broken connection or lag, the broken/lagged connection has been caused by some network issue beyond my control. By that, I mean the break has been (intentional or otherwise) on the player’s own network or at some point between and the player’s client. I have no reliable way to tell if it was broken by the player because he was about to die, (intentional break due to poor tactical decisions on his part), or if the poor connection is due to the player having the cheapest Internet available, or Terabytes of data being streamed/downloaded on an unoptimized shared connection… Or maybe even the player is under DDoS attack from the Green Lizard Squad? Or the player’s ISP could be flaking out. Which means if I restore one broken ship, I have to restore them all. This sucks.

I have ressurected break-dead ships for the last time. This might sound harsh to some of you, and perhaps it is. If you think it’s unfair, please try to consider things from my point of view. A concern has been expressed to me that I’m showing certain players favoritism. And they might be right. It might be perceived that there’s a rule of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, which I suppose is true… I think such an environment is worse for the game and for the community, than one where players occasionally lose a ship or some gold. And honestly, I don’t think this policy “update” will affect most of you. If it does, and you lose some gold because of it, I sincerely apologize.

Thanks and have a great day!