Stellar Cartography

Written by  on March 19, 2015 

I like Mike’s ideas for player-generated content. He mentioned a sort of map-designing contest to decide the layout for a new quadrant after the upcoming 365-day cycle. I think it sounds fantastic- and we can do that, but I think we can accelerate the process a bit.

It’s been decided that the new PvE zone of the game will feature a version of’s “Canonball” map transposed onto the current Delta quad. There is a second, unused quad (called “Nu”… It was built with a teamplay capture-the-flag sort of game in mind which never really took off) and it’s been suggested that it should be either the Alpha that’s running right now, or one of the other “standard” quadrants. Are there any other ideas? Should PvE even have another quadrant, or perhaps should the Canonball map be made more interesting ie less symmetrical?

Food for thought