Testers Wanted

Written by  on March 25, 2015 

To test the concept of allowing players to create a new “standard” class ship in either the new “Pro” Quadrant or in one of the “Classic” Quadrants, I’ve temporarily made the CDA-120 selectable with either the letter “m” or the letter “O” from the new ships creation screen. (Case-sensitive, and the option for choosing “O” should still be hidden from the menu)

Also, because the Klingon Homeworld is “Klinzhai” in the Classic map and “Kronos” in the Pro map, and because Klingons should still be Klingons no matter where they spawn, I have (for testing) set the CDA-120’s Homeworld to Nebulon… But it should still be a Cardassian.

So for the purposes of this test, selecting ship class “m” should spawn a CDA-120 at the planet Cardassia in Alpha Quadrant, and selecting “O” should spawn a CDA-120 at the planet Nebulon in Gamma.

While from the server’s point of view, these CDA-120s are technically two different ship classes, a CDA-120 is a CDA-120 is a CDA-120 according to the database and the game environment.

It should be noted that the test (letter “O”) CDA-120 should not be able to get Antimatter at either Cardassia or at Nebulon if everything is working correctly, but either 120 should appear in the class specific scoreboard as a “CDA-120”.

I have tested just about everything I can think of and it seems to be working fine, but it would be awesome if some of you guys can give both versions a shot and check for bugs before I repeat this mod 14 times over…

The greatest benefit of this functionality is that players won’t have to do silly things like creating a “standard” ship on the Classic side and then having to travel through an anomaly to get to Pro. Also, Mike mentioned that the latter method introduces a possibility for scoreboard manipulation – and while he didn’t go into specifics, I think I can see it because a primarily “Pro” player might be tempted to earn most of their stats in Classic- and then roll only their “best” ships over to Pro- which would defeat the purpose of having two separate zones for two intended styles of play.