the decision is in: a high-score reset is imminent…

Written by  on January 27, 2015 

…at some far-off point, waaay in the future.

Some of you might recall a few months back, that there was some discussion of whether or not to do a high-score reset. At the time, it was widely agreed-upon; we were not quite ready yet. So I decided to put off any plans until the New Year. Well, here we are. January is nearly over and spring will soon be on our doorstep. As I’ve pondered over what to do, I’ve leaned towards one side of the fence and then the other. There are compelling arguments for both options, but the one that tipped the scales for me was this one:


Nine-hundred seventy-seven… is the cumulative number of hours logged by the first 10 players listed on the “scoreboard” page of That figure only includes hours spent flying ships that are still alive today. A quick glance down the “boneyard” page on this site, will reveal that 1,000 hours is only the tip of the iceberg… Including dead ships and ships below that “top-ten” threshold, that figure rises to more than 4.5 thousand hours! Human-powered ships have traveled more than 2,455,970,814 distance since the last reset. That’s 2.4 Billion. Traveling non stop at warp 16, that journey would last approximately 50 days– with you guys accumulating 40,685 conflicts along the way

It’s true: Numbers speak louder than words. And I can’t… I can’t possibly, in good conscience, tear down all of that work. My own contributions, both in-game and behind-the-scenes, pale in comparison. I’ve invested only the smallest fraction of that amount of time into making what it is today. How can I justify killing 392 living ships in one fell swoop?

When this topic came up in June 2013, one of our long-time players said this:

“Over time the scores will show what they are intended to, so a 6 week period of tough bots will be a blip that will fade into history.”

Now imagine: What if this current scoreboard spans several years? A decade? Will the first two years be a “blip”? Perhaps, but I think we can have it all. I believe the game can continue to evolve while holding fast to the elements that make it what it is. I still think any fundamental changes should be thought out, and well-documented. But if there’s one thing that the experiment has taught me, it is that a certain amount of freshness and innovation is needed here. If there’s a second thing it has taught me, well… It’s that two active servers will only serve to fragment an already too-small community.

So to bring us back around to the topic title of this post, A high-score reset is imminent… on I’m sorry, dudes: I know a couple of you have racked up tons of hours on that server. But please understand. started as a “near-identical-to-1998 mtrek”-clone and it was met with no interest at all from the community. I later used it to test some of the more abstract concepts of game development while shielding the largest part of the community on .com from the turmoil and bugs that come along with “new ideas”. Inexplicably, a small number of you actually seem to prefer the new, as evidenced by the number of hours you spend logged into each server. That’s pretty cool, but a livelier primary server, one with more human players- will benefit our community more over time, than an entertaining side-game will.

So looking forward, I can see some exciting changes on the horizon for And for the more “traditional” players, please be assured that care will be taken to preserve the original “feel” of mtrek along the way. Doubtless, there will be more talk, and I have about 3 months worth of postings to catch up with here.

And remember: text, email, fb, tweet… telephone, telegram, tell a friend. is here to stay.

Here’s to a million gold, and a million more!