Game Server Update 03 Aug 2013

Written by  on August 3, 2013 

After some debate and consideration, it seems a score reset is imminent.


1) The guides are nearly finished enough for new players to get started.

2) The bugs are under control with the exception of minor, non-recurring glitches.

3) Ship balance is very stable. There will still continue to be adjustments as required and the depth of the game will continue to expand, though at a much slower pace and with longer periods of testing and discussion.

4) The gold economy will undergo significant changes over the next several patches. The changes will be significant enough, that current gold scores and achievements will appear inflated when compared to the post-patch numbers.

Implementation by phase:

1) An announcement will be made on the game’s welcome screen and on the website.

2) An in-depth breakdown of all of the planned changes, along with an open forum for discussion will take place to get as many players involved as possible.

3) A timeline will be established and announced for patches/updates and a projected (but not firm) time/date will be set for the score reset.

4) The patches and appropriate documentation will be installed/updated.

5) A testing period will take place to iron out any kinks, bugs, issues, etc.

6) Once testing is complete and any other set parameters are met, a firm time and date will be established and announced.

7) The current ship database will be backed up and preserved. The notable high scores will be posted on the website for posterity as follows:

The top 10 living and dead ships with the highest Damage Given will be selected, and then ranked by gold.

In addition to the 10 top-ranked ships, a handful ships will be recognized in several categories such as: total dmggvn, dmggvn/dmgrcvd ratio, gold/sec, dmggvn/sec, dmggvn/cfl, total cfl, etc. Achievements will also be noted for Players’ entire fleets.

8) The reset will occur. (Player accounts will NOT be reset)


[edit: the top-10 “posterity” ship selection was modified for fairness. There is no longer a score cutoff to be included (500k dmggvn, previously)]