The New-Ship Screen

Written by  on March 22, 2015 

This is what the new-ship creation screen *might* look like. Obviously, the classes “O” through “Z” will likely change, depending on the results of the pick-12 vote. Please share your thoughts! (best viewed in a wide browser window)


Select a ship. [case-sensitive]

Classic Multi-Trek style play (PvP zone):

  a    Constitution II-A     f        Klingon EV-12     j           Gorn CL-13
  b Federation Excelsior     g        Klingon PB-13     k           Gorn CV-97
  c    Federation Larson     h           Orion BR-5     l   Cardassian CDA-180
  d     Freighter DY-600     i        Orion BR-1000     m   Cardassian CDA-120
  e Romulan Bird of Prey                                n      Romulan Warbird

Post JavaTrek-Era style play (co-op/PvE zone):

  A    Constitution II-A     F        Klingon EV-12     J           Gorn CL-13
  B Federation Excelsior     G        Klingon PB-13     K           Gorn CV-97
  C    Federation Larson     H           Orion BR-5     L   Cardassian CDA-180
  D     Freighter DY-600     I        Orion BR-1000     M   Cardassian CDA-120
  E Romulan Bird of Prey                                N      Romulan Warbird

  O          Borg Sphere     S           Klingon D7     W         Klingon D-10
  P      Klingon Vor'Cha     T           Gorn Scout     X      Andorian ACR-45
  Q    Federation Galaxy     U       Ferengi D'Kora     Y             Gorn CLX
  R   Dominion Jem'Hadar     V    Cardassian Keldon     Z   Federation Defiant

Enter Class: