This Weekend: MTrek PvP Arena!

Written by  on June 9, 2016 

MTrek PvP weekend!

We’ll try to meet up at these times:

Fri 10 Jun 6pm and 9pm
Sat 11 Jun 6pm and 9pm
(Eastern Standard Time)

There’s no strict format. If we have enough players, we can organize into our own teams. Otherwise, we can do some 1v1 stuff and maybe some MTrek Gold gambling.

The PvP Arena will be active throughout the entire weekend, so even if you can’t make it to one of the event times, you’ll still be able to play around with it or set up your own PvP matches.

During the scheduled event times, bot spawning will be deactivated. Outside of those times, bots will spawn normally.

Please spread the word around with the other players, who might not not check the website regularly.

See you there!

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