Version 8.2 Patch notes

Written by  on April 23, 2017 

8.2.0 Patch Notes

1. Bot AI adjustments, more classes
2. Ship balance and economy fine tuning
3. Refined ship upgrade process
4. Re-enabled “who -l” roster
5. Fire seeker probe with fs [shipletter]
6. Minor bug fixes


  • Bots will fight more aggressively in some cases
  • They choose better classes to fly (instead of iia, bop etc)
  • Slightly fewer bots operating overall



  • Upgrades are offered to any class that originates at each homeworld. For example, any Klingon can upgrade at Klinzhai or any Romulan can upgrade at Romulus
  • Upgrades now reset gold to Zero no matter how much gold the purchaser has
  • Upgrades are only offered to ships with more than 20,000 gold
  • “Upgrade” classes as expected, are typically more powerful than average ships
  • Sphere and Cube are now offered to the AVG IX exclusively
  • AVG IX is now a starting class and can upgrade to either Sphere OR Cube. There is no longer a requirement to buy them in order


  • Seeker Probes have been re-enabled. These are short lasting probes you can launch with “fs(ship letter)”. The probe will travel towards the target ship for a few seconds, regardless of distance or cloak
  • Lithium mines have been re-enabled. They are mines that can be towed. They explode after several seconds, damaging everything in the immediate area. They increase in strength if you shoot them before they explode.
  • The “who -l” ship name has been re-enabled. This is similar to the “who” ship name which prints a roster of all the active ships in the game. Type either “who” or “who -l” at the ship name prompt when you connect to the game. “who” displays a list of active ships and their scores. “who -l” displays a modified list identifying whether a ship belongs to a human player or a robot account.


  • Fixed a few misspellings (restart warning)
  • Patched a relatively obscure in-game exploit that could be used against other players
  • Fixed the unlocked freighter torpedo damage
  • Adjusted observer device spawn locations

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