Version 8 Announcement (with additional release notes)

Written by  on February 26, 2017 

For Version 8,

  • Ship selection has been expanded to include more class upgrades (e.g. Valdore, Vor’Cha, etc.).
  • An “upgrade” class is typically more powerful than the starting ship. To offset the added power, upgrades are also very expensive.
  • Most upgrades will cost 10,000 gold. The Borg AVG IX (1,000) and the Borg CUBE (20,000) are the only exceptions.
  • A new Delta Quadrant zone has been added which can be accessed via Alpha’s spatial anomaly or by reversing through Omega’s Wormhole.
  • The Spatial Anomaly works just like the one from 2003-and-later JavaTrek. It appears at random locations throughout Alpha Quadrant. There is an alert sent to all ships within the quad when it becomes active. The object letter is “W” (capitalized). Move towards the anomaly, and when close enough, your ship will be transferred to Delta quad.
  • To return to Alpha/Gamma quadrants, travel to the “Transwarp Conduit” (object “t”) at the center of the Delta. Go through it at warp 0+ for Alpha, reverse through it at negative warp to go to Gamma.
  • The planetary cluster in Delta quadrant is heavily defended by Borg warheads. A single warhead won’t do much damage, but the longer you stay within range of the protected planets, the more warheads will be launched. If enough warheads are hitting you at the same time you can die very quickly.
  • Last summer, the scoreboard was “soft reset” during the transition from ver 6.0 to 7.0; Those old ships have now been restored, along with several thousand other dead and/or reset ships in the database.
  • In a few cases, the same names were used for multiple restored high score ships. The “extra” ships have a number appended to the name. For example, “Godzilla”, “Godzilla 2”, “Godzilla 3” etc. Any such ships can be removed (killed) or re-named at the owner’s request. Email me or hit me up in the game if you have any questions.

Ship Class Upgrades

Ship Class | Upgrades to | at Planet | in Quadrant
 II-A      |  GALAXY     |  e        |  Alpha
 EXCEL     |  INTREPID   |  i        |  Delta
 LARSON    |  LOKNAR     |  v        |  Beta
 DY-600    |  SV-1       |  v        |  Alpha
 RBOP      |  VALDORE    |  r        |  Alpha
 KEV -12   |  VORCHA     |  v        |  Alpha
 KPB-13    |  D-11       |  p        |  Alpha
 BR-5      |  BR-6       |  o        |  Alpha
 BR-1000   |  BR-1       |  q        |  Alpha
 CL-13     |  CLX        |  g        |  Alpha
 CV-97     |  AZATH      |  j        |  Alpha
 CDA-180   |  KELDON     |  p        |  Gamma
 CDA-120   |  HIDEKI     |  c        |  Gamma
 WARBIRD   |  RWAR       |  g        |  Beta
 KBOP      |  D7         |  p        |  Omega
 GALOR     |  JHADAR     |  n        |  Gamma
 BR-2000   |  DC-9       |  h        |  Alpha
 SCOUT     |  GBOP       |  d        |  Alpha
 INTRCPTR  |  PRAETOR    |  l        |  Omega
 DEFIANT   |  ACR-45     |  a        |  Beta
 FERENGI   |  DKORA      |  f        |  Gamma
 D-10      |  D5         |  n        |  Beta
*ANY CLASS |  AVG IX     |  a        |  Delta
 AVG IX    |  SPHERE     |  s        |  Delta
*SPHERE    |  CUBE       |  c        |  Delta
*Ship Upgrades cost 10,000 gold with the following
 exceptions: AVG IX costs 1,000 and CUBE is 20,000

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