EXCEL Ship Class

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Class Speed Weapons Durability Difficulty
Federation Excelsior Average Powerful High Intermediate

The Federation Excelsior, also called the “Excel” or simply “xl”, is known for its devastating photon torpedo attack and for its highly versatile “Tracking Transwarp”. It also has very powerful phasers which, when combined with a well-placed mine, can deal critical damage. Due to its powerful weapons and the ability to Transwarp safely away from a bad situation, this ship has traditionally been popular among players wishing to place high on the Overall Scoreboard.

If you’re piloting the EXCEL, the first ting you’ll want to do is familiarize yourself with the use of Tracking Transwarp. Twarp can be used both offensively and defensively. A common strategy is to “planet hop”, which basically means warping from one crystal planet to the next in the hopes of surprising an unprepared/healing enemy ship. It is possible to Twarp directly onto an enemy target or into optimal torpedo range; however, doing so is difficult and requires some practice. Defensively, your Warp Energy should be closely monitored. Create a “panic” macro so you can flee to the safety of a starbase before your power gets too low. Your photon torpedoes can deal incredible amounts of damage in a very short amount of time, but your range is somewhat limited. Often, it is best to use your torps first and save your phaser energy for finishing off a beaten opponent. An exception of course, might be if an enemy appears at close range. If you have the Power to spare, fire your powerful phaser, drop a mine, and attempt to move out to torpedo range. Sometimes you should to forego the phaser, so you can overwarp to torp range, or you might even want to fire only partial phasers and battle at close range if your enemy has powerful mid-range weapons. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy and the use of Tracking Transwarp can be complex. This ship is recommended for intermediate, to advanced players.

When battling against an EXCEL, avoid those nasty torpedoes at all costs. Either use speed and superior torpedo range to stay out of reach of the excel’s torps, or use cloak and/or speed to battle it up close. The excel can demolish an opponent in a matter of seconds, and it can also get away from you if you don’t beat it quickly enough. It’s highly recommended that you study the guides and understand the excel’s capabilities. Be particularly alert to incoming ships whenever there is an excel logged into the game, because excels can appear within weapons range very suddenly. The excel burns a lot of Warp Energy when it Twarps, or overwarps, and its Power will drop significantly when it fires full phasers. Use that to your advantage when timing your attacks, so you can hopefully pin it down before it has time to escape. You might even consider letting it hit you with those powerful phasers if it means you’ll be able to damage it to the point of being temporarily immobilized.

Click on the ship classes above to learn more about each one. The current EXCEL “Top 10” Scoreboard is shown below:

EXCEL Scoreboard

# Ship Rank Ship Name Class Gold DmgGvn Bonus DmgRcvd Cfl
1 Crewman 1C 000 EXCEL 19382 24358 575 519 19
2 Crewman Basic Swampfox EXCEL 3555 3288 72 91 2
3 Crewman Basic seeker EXCEL 1545 2705 41 83 1
4 Crewman Basic swampfox EXCEL 476 2492 104 124 2