II-A Ship Class

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Class Speed Weapons Durability Difficulty
Federation Constitution II-A Fast Powerful Low Advanced

The Constitution, often referred to as the “iia” or “con”, is one of the most powerful ships in the game. It is fast, it has excellent scan and weapons ranges, and it is heavily armed. In the hands of a skilled player, the II-A can be downright terrifying. However, there is a drawback: Once it has been damaged, it becomes highly vulnerable to attack. This ship is normally only recommended for advanced players.

If you’re piloting the II-A, ***DO NOT GET HIT***. Once you begin to take damage, your speed will be sharply limited and you will very quickly die. Use your long scan range to survey an area before you fight. Pick your targets wisely and avoid confronting multiple ships at the same time. Your long torpedo range will allow you to damage enemies from a safe distance, and you can cloak to deliver powerful mine attacks. Be cautious when firing phasers, because you’re not only exposing yourself to return phaser fire; you’re also reducing your available Power significantly. It will take several moments to recharge that energy, and the resulting loss of speed can get you killed.

When battling against a II-A, your goal should be to damage it quickly or to escape at all costs. Aggression may be required on your part, but keep in mind that some of the more defensive strategies can also get you out of trouble. Use unpredictable combinations of altering course, overwarping, and cloaking near the edges of the II-A’s torpedo range. If you have a cloaking device, consider letting the II-A hit your shields a couple of times with torpedoes; You can then cloak and use evasive maneuvers while your shields recharge. If you can waste the II-A’s torpedoes, you will most likely survive its attack. If you can deal even moderate damage to the II-A, you can probably kill it.

Click on the ship classes above to learn more about each one. The current II-A “Top 10” Scoreboard is shown below:

II-A Scoreboard

# Ship Rank Ship Name Class Gold DmgGvn Bonus DmgRcvd Cfl
1 Chf Warr OFC-2 222 II-A 127435 136627 4740 1749 82
2 MstChf Petty OFC Veni Vidi Vici II-A 36703 79873 1617 1991 57
3 Chf Warr OFC-4 McEnterprise II-A 26381 176364 2620 823 118
4 Crewman Basic U.S.S Jupiter II-A 2824 9497 368 400 10
5 Crewman Basic Handle with Care II-A 1341 1839 38 4 1
6 Crewman Basic Kirk’s Toupee II-A 163 1627 0 93 1
7 Crewman Basic gdp II-A 0 0 0 0 0
8 Crewman Basic xxx II-A 0 0 0 0 0
9 Crewman Basic star sh*& II-A 0 0 0 0 0
10 Crewman Basic USS Agamemnon II-A 0 0 0 0 0