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Written by  on March 31, 2020 

Apologies all, for being so absent the past couple of years.

Life has taken me down some unexpected roads, but I’ve always tried my best to keep the game running as smoothly as possible- if not necessarily in the constant state of development as we saw during the first six years or so of this server. I just want to say thanks again, to all of our players and contributors over the years. You folks have made this project entirely worth it.

My plan is to keep free and available to the public for many many years to come. That said, we have entered unprecedented times and face uncertainty in much of the world today. In times like these, community is of the utmost importance. So is a relief valve from the stresses of daily life.

I don’t have much to offer, but it is my hope that this game might serve as kind of a virtual sanctuary- a place to take a break from the news and social media. I think a little escapism won’t hurt, and in fact it might even ease some of the anxieties, which I’m sure many of us are feeling these days.

So please, respect one another. Try to keep it lighthearted in the game, and don’t let the outside world creep in on us too heavily. We all have diverse backgrounds, unique situations, and our own ways of dealing with things. I won’t be censoring names, posts, or telling anyone what not to talk about. I only ask that we all be considerate of our fellow humans on the other end of the line.

I look forward to the day that it’s all behind us. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and watch out for one another.


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