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MTrek web browser client

This browser-based client will work just fine for a beginner, but it is recommended that you play via TELNET client for the best experience.

Some browsers might close this tab if you type “ctrl-w” (thats the “stop moving” command) An alternative way to stop would be “@” (set warp speed) followed by “0” (warp zero to stop). Scroll down for a more comprehensive list of commands. And of course, please read the Player’s Guide and the FAQ.

Multi-Trek Command Summary

^ = Ctrl

Combat                                  Navigation
------                                  ----------
^L      lock weapons                    w       speed up by 0.1 warp
^U      unlock weapons                  W       slow down by 0.1 warp
T       load torpedoes                  ^W      stop
t       fire torpedoes                  @value  set warp to value
^T      unload torpedoes                x       engage transwarp
P       load phasers                    i       intercept thing in scanner
p       fire phasers                    ESC ^m  intercept last message author
^P      unload phasers                  ^i ship intercept nearby ship
d       fire drone                      ESC l ship intercept where last seen
M       drop mine                       I       intercept coordinates
r       ram adjacent ships              } or {  go max turning warp
.       dock or orbit adjacent planet   ] or [  go max cruising warp
b       drop buoy
D       toggle self-destruct            End Game
z       turn on cloaking                --------
Z       turn off cloaking               Q       quit game
ESC ^L ship                             ESC S   save game when docked
        lock weapons on ship            ESC P   set new ship password (currently disabled)

Shields; Damage Control                 Sending Messages
------------------------                ----------------
c       increase damage control         m ship  send message to ship
C       decrease damage control         m *     send message to everyone
^C      turn off damage control         [disabled]send message to closest ship
s       raise shields at 1%/sec         [disabled]ESC G ships...
S       lower shield by 10%             R ship  block messages from ship
^S      hold shields level              R *     block all global messages
                                        ^X      clear messages from screen

Changing Course                         Scanning
---------------                         --------
h       heading +1 degree               o ship  scan ship
H       heading +5 degrees              o .     scan closest ship
l       heading -1 degree               O obj   scan object
L       heading -5 degrees              O .     scan closest object
j       pitch down 1 degree             O num   scan starbase number
J       pitch down 5 degrees            ESC o   game option window
k       pitch up 1 degree               #       display current players
K       pitch up 5 degree               ? [a-l] display help screen [disabled]
!       set heading                     X       turn scanner off
                                        ESC O   odometer page

ESC R   frequencies blocked             ESC b   when next buoy is ready
ESC v   current and normal visibility   ESC ^s  scan range
ESC #   your letter designator          ESC w   warp capability
                                        ESC M   direction of last message
ESC p   phaser types available          ESC t   num torpedoes onboard
ESC W   max torp and phasers capable    ESC d   number of drones on board
ESC m   number of mines on board        ESC D obj   description of object [disabled]
ESC z   cloaking device status          ^R          Redraw Screen
ESC r   weapon ranges                   ESC L ship  print where last seen
( key   map given key to a string       %       turn tractor beam on/off
) key   unmap given key                 $       beam aboard gold bars
ESC s   your score                      & ship	display class stats of ship
ESC c ship    score of other ship

Weapons Configuration
ESC ^w  fire phasers wide if unlocked   ESC ^T       set torpedo type (CV-97)
ESC ^n  never fire phasers wide         ESC T        set torpedo speed (WARBIRD)
^D      set drone speed (Cardys)        ESC ^P       set phaser type (DY-600)