Version 8 Ship Specs

Written by  on March 12, 2017

See below, or check out the ship specs guide page. Summary of Ship Classes: ----------------------- FEDERATION ---------------------------- Class[...]

Version 8 Announcement (with additional release notes)

Written by  on February 26, 2017

For Version 8, Ship selection has been expanded to include more class upgrades (e.g. Valdore, Vor’Cha, etc.). An “upgrade” class is[...]

Happy Holidays!

Written by  on December 24, 2016

Santa came a little early this year! To celebrate, the bots are in a festive mood and they’re spreading cheer with some extra Gold! Merry Christmas! -obit [...] ver 7.5

Written by  on November 18, 2016

The game has recently been updated to include the JavaTrek-era ships: KBOP GALOR BR-2000 SCOUT INTERCEPTOR DEFIANT FERENGI D-10 VORCHA (upgrade, KEV-12,[...]

Downtime [Resolved]

Written by  on July 29, 2016

I’ve received word that our hosting provider is undergoing some unscheduled maintenance, which is causing a number of cloud servers (including ours)[...] is the Reddit r/MUD July winner!

Written by  on July 15, 2016

Welcome, Redditors! To the non-Redditors in our community, check out It’s a community of gamers and admin who share[...]

6.2.5 BR1K/BR2K, AVG-IX, * Robot AI

Written by  on July 10, 2016

[edit 11 jul: “.001” tweaked the bot spawning. hopefully better variety now] The 45 sec cloak was a little bit much for the BR-1000 &[...]

Thank You for the 1,000 Likes on fb!

Written by  on July 8, 2016


6.2.0 (major ship-balance revision)

Written by  on July 6, 2016

After gathering inputs from players and collecting data from the past 90 days of gameplay, our most significant ship-balance patch since the 6.0 Beta is[...]

Terms of Use Updated. (Please Read)

Written by  on July 4, 2016

Please take a moment to read our updated Terms of Use: Thank you obit [...]