Challenge 1: Conflicts! [Payout]

Written by  on April 26, 2015

Update: Collect your prizes: Anyone wishing to collect your prizes, simply create *BR-5*s with the names you would like to change into BR-6s. Save those[...] 5.0 is here

Written by  on April 22, 2015

5.0 has finally arrived. First, Thank You, to all the players! Your help, patience, testing, and valuable feedback has been crucial to the success of[...]

5.0 Going Live!

Written by  on April 20, 2015

Well, it was a lot of work- more than expected really, but the final update for version 5.0 is just about ready to go. The last round of offline[...]

MTrek: TNG Phase 2

Written by  on April 10, 2015

Hello, Here’s the latest progress report for the current series of updates: April 19th still looks like a good rough estimate for the mod being finished[...]

Canonball [repost]

Written by  on April 9, 2015

[edit: This is a repost of the original “Canonball” spelling intentional – to shed some light on the origins of our upcoming PvE quadrant/mode[...]

MTrek Arena

Written by  on April 3, 2015

We will be having a team game on 4 Apr 2015 @ 6pm Eastern Standard Time. Please check out this link for more information. And please be sure to thank Pete[...]


Written by  on April 3, 2015

As of 8:49 PM Eastern Standard Time, the Scoreboard has been finalized. FINAL HIGH SCORES – APR 2015 FINAL STATS PAGE – APR 2015 This is the first[...]