Game Server Update 25 Jul 2012

Written by  on July 25, 2012

Improved bot logic: -Bots will ram enemy ships under certain conditions. -increased overall bot skill level from 5 to 1. (Can be set at 1-5 with 1 being[...]

Game Server Update 19 Jul 2012

Written by  on July 18, 2012

The game server is now 100% operational. (Including the high score list!) Things are pretty much the way they are going to be for a while. At a glance,[...]

Software Version Numbering

Written by  on July 13, 2012

Some words on software versions: The source code used for the game server doesn’t share a scrap with that of the mid-late 90’s Multi-Trek.[...]

Summary of Ship Classes – Update

Written by  on July 5, 2012

[edit, 8 Apr 2016: The ship specs below are no longer applicable. See the most current ship specs here.] Updated Documentation: Added the new classes to[...]

Scoreboard Bug Update

Written by  on July 4, 2012

After 2 months of game server uptime, with the help of Robert G. McCue (developer/admin from xmltrek) and countless hours of caffeine-induced RTFMing,[...]

New Ship Classes!

Written by  on July 1, 2012

New ship class selection is still limited to the 14 “old” mtrek classes as follows: [a] Federation Constitution II-A [b] Federation Excelsior [c][...]